4x4 Awnings

4WD awnings are the ultimate accessory for campers, travellers and weekend explorers. Awnings are super simple and quick to setup and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit different needs. And 4x4 awnings add extra functionality to your vehicle, without taking up precious space. Ideal for Utes, wagons and SUVs, take a look through our selection of awnings to find something suitable.

What Are the Different Styles of Awning?

There are many different types of awning that’ll make your next adventure easier and more fun! The type you choose will depend on your vehicle, budget and needs. Whether you’re planning to hit the road long term, or get out on weekend trips, we have an awning for you. The main ones include:

- Freestanding awning. This awning protects you from the elements on one side of your vehicle and the back. Set it up in seconds and enjoy sun and rain protection with the thick, poly cotton canvas.

- Awning side walls. This awning can be used on its own or as a great addition to the freestanding awning,
to increase the covered space around your vehicle.

- Shower tent awning. Shower in privacy day and night with this shower tent awning that can be easily attached to the side of your 4x4.

How to Choose a 4WD Awning for Your Needs?

It’s simple to choose the right awning for your needs – just decide what coverage you need and any add-on accessories that might be useful. Awning side walls are great to prevent sand blasts and freestanding awnings give you more space and excellent protection from the rain and the suns harsh UV rays. All are made from quality fabrics and strong mounts, so they hold the awning securely and stand the test of time, no matter how many adventures you go on.