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Maximus Roof Topper

Maximus Roof Topper

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Introducing The Maximus Roof topper. Release the hatches and let the gas assisted struts do there thing. "Its that simple!" Modern aesthetics to meet the demand of campers of Australia.


Sleep in comfort

With a 70mm thick foam mattress and a spacious interior, you can sleep comfortably off the ground and protected from the elements. To save time and storage space, you can leave your bedding set up, so you just pop the top and slip between the sheets for a good night’s rest. 

Sets up in seconds

Our roof top tent is the ultimate is fast setups! Simply unclip the straps, push the cover up and the internal heavy duty struts (up to 30kg) open the tent for you in seconds. throw two poles in for the rain fly and you're good to go! Packing up is just the reverse process and you can drive off in seconds. With a 2.3m retractable aluminium ladder, getting up and down is super-easy as well.

Protection from the elements

The body and sides of the tent are made from a thick poly cotton canvas that’s weatherproof, so you’ll be nice and snug in your tent, regardless of the weather. If it’s cold outside you can zip the front flap closed and if it’s hot you can leave the flaps open and enjoy the breezes flowing through the fly mesh. There’s also a rear awning  (rain fly) for additional shade.The rain fly is designed to cover part of the windows so you can keep them open for ventilation for when it rains or the winds pick up. When you pack it all away and head off down the road, the protective shell (made from powder coated honeycomb aluminium panel) and a rubber seal keep everything safe from the weather. The outside of the Maximus Roof Topper is coated in a gelcoat to seal the whole shell. This adds a second layer on top of the glue sealed surfaces.

Increased security

Sleeping up and off the ground is a great idea, as it keeps you safe from snakes, feral dogs, kangaroos and creepy crawlies. It also helps to increase security if strangers wander into your camp, as you are off the ground. The canvas doors can also be locked for extra security. The latches are lockable for piece of mind when driving or parked up.

Superior design

The superior design of our roof top tents provides ample storage, security, comfort and protection from the elements. The struts are heavy duty and the aluminium shell keeps everything safe from dust, dirt, rain and minor knocks.

Features of our roof top tents

Streamlined shell made from powder coated, lightweight, honeycomb aluminium panel.

Fully welded aluminium corners. No plastic corners or joins helping add strength and integrity.

Front and side access

Extra insulation liner added inside the top shell.

Rubber seals to keep the tent safe from the elements when packed

Heavy duty 30kg gas struts to keep the tent open

100% Waterproof and breathable

Lockable side and end doors with fly screen mesh

Anti-condensation mat placed underneath the mattress.

Interior headliner pockets as well on the side walls

Interior light powered by 3 AAA batteries. (Not included)

2.3m retractable aluminium sliding ladder

2 mounting rails underneath the tent for easy installation. Mounting brackets included.

Rear awning for extra shade

C channel for accessory mounting such as awning etc


- Fully built / welded aluminium corners

- External size (Closed): 2100mm x 1430mm x 180mm

- External size (Open): 2100mm x 1430mm x 1530mm

- Mattress size: 2000mm x 1300mm

- 280GSM Poly-cotton canvas Waterproof 3000MM

- Weight: 75Kg

- Standard accessories: Ladder, Mounting Hardware, Shoe bag, LED light, Storage Bag, Mattress

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rooftop tent

Bloody good tent nice and slim to fit through the maccas drive thru. Nice place to shag the chicks from the local broth.