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Maximus 4x4

180 Free standing awning

180 Free standing awning

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Unzip, Pull out either side, tie off and your done! It really is that easy with the Maximus 4x4 180 degree freestanding awning!

Pictures just for reference. Will have Orange trim same as other models

Covered in comfort

With the freestanding awning you are sure to be covered by the elements around two whole sides of your vehicle. It offers cover around the side and back of your car allowing access without getting wet or cooked by the sun! 

Sets up in seconds

It is as easy as it looks to set up. Unzip and walk it out with the strap. Hook strap to either side of your vehicle and pull tight on both ends. Done! within seconds you have a free standing awning set up in seconds. With extreme weather unclip the legs and secure to the ground with 3 ropes and your safe from the wind destroying your awning. Quick and easy set up as well as packing away simply doing the same in reverse and pushing material up neatly into storage canvas on car, zip up and your good to drive.

Protection from the elements

The thick poly cotton canvas keeps it waterproof from the rain above your head. The poly cotton canvas prevents fading in the sun and is able to hold its tension without becoming saggy. The frame is aluminium powder coated black giving it another layer of protection over the surface. the canvas pack away bag provides ample security from the weather and is a tear resistant material allowing you not to worry about branches it may encounter being on top of your car.

Superior Design

The awning is constructed of aluminium with a double frame for extra strength for the harsh elements as well as rigidness. with strong mounts to hold the awning securely to your car you can be confident the awning wont be coming off anytime soon. The interior lights seperate this awning to anything on the market. With the lights built in it is plug and play.


Canvas bag protecting awning in travel

Aluminium frame 

Dual framed for strength and integrity

Poly cotton canvas product

Pop down legs (x2)

Mounting parts

Led lights on each arm (USB plug)


Tie down ropes for each edge

Storage bag (for pegs and rope)

(additional bracket for roof top tent can be purchased)


- 280 Polyester cotton canvas

- Waterproof 3000MM

- Weight: 20KG

- Black with orange trim

- closed dimensions: 2700mm x 200mm x 200mm


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